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Online Advertising BUZZ
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Online Advertising: Benefits of Online Advertising

Every business needs marketing to grow and increase sales. Due to the growth of the Internet, many internet businesses have started and need internet marketing to maintain their position. Internet marketing is any type of marketing that is done on the Internet. The advantage of 

internet marketing over traditional marketing is important for two reasons:

  • Far lower costs and higher returns
  • Ability to get feedback and improve the effectiveness of Internet advertising

The key to success in internet marketing is its purposefulness. You need to know where to advertise with the most clicks, what content to produce that meets your audience's needs, what social networks your target audience is most active on, and the many questions you need to answer.

You may have come across another term in the virtual world called digital marketing. These two terms may initially confuse novices. In a simple definition, digital marketing means the use of digital tools in the online and offline space for advertising. Therefore, television, radio and digital billboards are also considered as a part of offline digital marketing tools.

In fact, internet marketing is a subset of digital marketing because it only uses the internet to advance its goals.
Internet marketing has many sub-branches, without knowing each of them, it is not possible to succeed in internet marketing.

1) SEO
2) Content Marketing
3) SEM Search Engine Marketing
4) Click Advertising
5) Email Marketing
6) Sales Collaboration
7) Social Media Marketing
8) Video Marketing

Each of the above, if done well, alone can make a huge difference in increasing traffic and sales. Now let's look at each one separately:

1) SEO

Typically, sites that rank in the search results on the first page and the top three options get more clicks. Contact You should try to produce good content and promote it to the first rank by following the principles of SEO.

There are many things that should be considered in SEO, but content production, keyword selection, backlinks, site speed are the most important.

SEO is generally divided into two categories:

Internal SEO: means optimizing site pages for search engines. Internal SEO is as important as external SEO and without it you can not get a good ranking in the results. Choosing the right keywords, SEO content , internal linking, attractive titles, text readability fall into the category of internal SEO.

External SEO: As the name implies, is a set of SEO work that is done off-site. The most important parts of external SEO are backlinks and email marketing campaigns and social media activity.

2) Content marketing

A low-cost, long-term strategy to attract interested audiences. There is no chance of success in online business without content. Internet users have become very smart and are looking for valuable information more than ever. They do not buy from you because you say you are good or you have quality goods.

Content marketing is a great way to attract people and gain their trust. In addition, without content, there is no such thing as SEO. What increases the credibility of your page is the up-to-dateness and publication of practical and work-related content.

In content marketing, you put what the visitor wants in front of you, then the visitor will come to you. By using content, you can change the mindset of your users and give them a reason to come back to you.

3) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization stands for search engine marketing. The concept of sem is broader than SEO and encompasses it.

The difference between SEM and SEO is that although SEO takes a long time, the inbound results to the site are organic. You do not pay for SEO, but you need time to follow the principles of SEO in the results.

In sem, you can use a variety of monetary methods to increase site traffic. The most popular way is to use Google ads in such a way that by charging the account, you will be in the first Google results in the specific keyword of your choice and every person who clicks on your ad will be deducted an amount from your account.

Google ads need to be targeted and will not generate any revenue for you just by advertising and getting traffic.

4) Click ads

Click-through ads, like Google ads, will be deducted from your payment for each click. The difference is that click-through ads are done on sites and social networks. Advertising on Instagram and Facebook is not possible due to restrictions. The best type of click advertising in Iran is ads on related sites.

You can advertise in person or work with advertising agencies. These agencies, Click Finder, display your ads on contract sites depending on the topic and the amount of money you have paid.

5) Email marketing

Anyone who enters the site can be a potential buyer. The problem is that people usually do not make a purchase on the first visit to the site, but you do not want to lose these people. Email marketing is the solution.

When someone visits the site, by providing valuable gifts, the user's email will be taken and this relationship will be maintained by sending emails for interest. This gift can be a file, a book, a guide or anything that appeals to your users. Only after building this trust can a sales offer be made.

6) Marketing Affiliate

There are many people who want to make money online but do not have the product or expertise to get started. The best way is to work with these people to get a percentage for every sale they make. Collaborating in sales is a good way to increase sales and branding.

Amazon's most popular sales cooperation system , which can not be used due to restrictions. In Iran, fortunately, there are sales cooperation systems such as many online stores that can be cooperated with.

If you have a WordPress site for converting traffic into leads products, you can easily set up this section by using WordPress sales collaboration plugins.

In this way, many people can start their income by selling other people's products without spending any money on warehousing, hiring or producing a product.

7) Social media marketing

In addition to the site, social networks are a complementary and useful tool to increase site traffic and branding. Use social media as a complementary tool to your site. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

Each social network has its own requirements and the type of post that is placed on Instagram is different from Telegram or Twitter. Keep this in mind and create your own posts for each social network.

8) Video marketing

If you focus on video marketing as part of your internet marketing activity, you can accelerate the growth of your business.

Video is a great tool for education and information. If you produce a compelling video, it will be much more likely to go viral. In addition, there are video sharing sites that can help you look better.

Why should we use internet marketing?

1. Your customers are always online: The Internet is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to people who are looking for similar services and products on the Internet. People today turn to the Internet for all kinds of information.

They are constantly searching for new information about the products and services they need. By investing in internet marketing, you will help your company to be introduced to those interested people. Even if you operate locally, your audience will still be looking for you on the Internet.

2. Creates two-way communication: With traditional advertising, you create one-way communication. You advertise, you wait, and you hope that your audience will see your ad and come to you. What happens if your audience has a question? What if they want to know more about your business, product or service?

The importance of internet marketing lies in the ability to create two-way communication. You give customers a way to connect with you, and you also have access to customers through multiple channels. This is valuable for your audience because they want to know that their needs are important to you. When you have a two-way communication, your audience will not feel that you are trying to sell them anything.
Instead, they see you as a valuable source of information that helps them in the buying process.

3. Internet marketing personalizes the experience of your audience: As mentioned earlier, your audience wants to feel important about your business. Effective internet marketing creates a personalized experience for each user. When people find you, they turn to you for a variety of reasons. Personalizing customer experiences creates a better experience for them according to their interests.

For example, you only send email to someone who has provided you with the email and you are sure they are interested in the topic.

4. It allows you to attract quality traffic: When you use traditional advertising, you do not know how many target audiences you will reach. Your ad will appear in front of everyone. Internet marketing allows you to target your audience using geographic information, livelihoods, hobbies and interests.

5. Branding: With online marketing, you expose your business to thousands of people. People can access your website or social media 24/7. This means that you can use every opportunity to attract more visitors because you do not have time and space limitations.

The goal of branding is to get more people familiar with your business. The more connected they are to your business and the more they hear and see your name in different ways, the easier it will be for them to trust you.

6. Save time and labor: Another reason for the importance of online marketing is the ability to run multiple advertising campaigns simultaneously. The Internet allows you to get quality customers and provide them with a rewarding experience. You can set up many marketing activities in a short amount of time. The website can perform several defined activities at the same time, which allows you to get a higher conversion rate.

7. Your competitors are also doing internet marketing: If you want to compete with your competitors, you need to invest in internet marketing. Your competitors are now turning to different forms of internet marketing and trying to reach new customers.
Sporadic internet marketing activities will not get you results. Have a plan for your internet marketing and tailor it to your business goals.

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